Lawn Care Program

Our Lawn Care program is designed to make having a beautiful lawn effortless!  We want to take on all the fertilizing and healthcare needs of the lawn to help it grow happily. While we are not sprinkler experts, we can help with watering recommendations and even mow length recommendations.  If your lawn is not your kids and pets favorite place to be and the envy of your neighbors, call us so we can help.

Lawn Care


Our Lawn Care Program has treatments are scientifically designed to provide all the nutrients necessary to ensure a lush, green, healthy lawn, free from the invasion of unsightly broadleaf weeds.

  • Eight treatments of a complete fertilizer, each specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your lawn for the specific time of year. Organic Based fertilizer used on most treatments.
  • Apply broad-leaf weed control to lawn on an as-needed basis.
  • Provide crabgrass and nut sedge prevention and control.
  • Treatment for lawn damaging insects and diseases if needed to keep your turf healthy, including white grubs!