Core Lawn Aeration


Aerations are vital for the health of the lawn because they allow water and oxygen to penetrate down through the soil to the roots, and it also allows the lawn to “relax”. How it works is the aerator removes small cores of soil from your lawn which reduces the thatch build up, a layer of dead grass on top of the soil and under the live grass. The cores of soil (and thatch) that are removed and left behind don’t need to be raked up. After a day or two when the cores have dried, the lawn can be mowed, and when the cores of dirt are hit by the mower blades, that will be spread over the lawn and act as a light top dressing. The cores are full of micro organisms that are beneficial to the lawn by breaking down the thatch layer and returning micro nutrients back to the soil.  When aerations are done at the right time they can dramatically improve the health and lifespan of a lawn.

Gingrich Horticulture Service recommends aerating every year in early spring or fall. Usually we recommend the spring when the soil is soft from recent rains, but not too wet that its soggy. Two aerations are recommended for compacted lawns that receive heavy use, such as children and animals enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and playing on the grass or if no aerations have been done in many years. Please feel free to call if you have any questions regarding aerations.

Gingrich Horticulture Service would be happy to assist you in bringing your lawn back to that lush green condition it used to be in! If you are interested in an estimate to aerate your lawn, please call our office- we are here to help! 925-676-6021